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Wonders of Venice

An August 2000 trip to Venice by Sunfibs

Hotel Cipriani Palazzo Vendrami Photo, Venice, Italy More Photos
Quote: Although this city has a bad rap for being smelly, it is really a wonderful romantic getaway.

Wonders of Venice


The best thing was to go in a gondola with a Venetian in the back singing his heart out with an accordian. It was the most memorable part of the trip, being in the gondola with the lights shining off the water and the music in the background.

Quick Tips:

Try to wait until after the sun goes down to venture to San Marco Square, then the tours are gone and it is just beautiful.

Best Way To Get Around:

Walking is the preferred method, or the only method besides a gondola or water taxi.

Hotel Cipriani Palazzo Vendrami

Hotel | "Hotel Cipriani"

Hotel Cipriani Palazzo Vendrami Photo, Venice, Italy
This place was the best place I have ever stayed in in my life. To get to it, you have to take a private boat to the island, it is about a 10 minutes boat ride from San Marco Square. Once you get there you are surrounded by flower gardens, it is like a paradise next to the city!!

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