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A relaxing time in Yucatan!

A March 2007 trip to Playa del Carmen by TravelTess

Quote: Stayed in Playa del Carmen but also visited Cancun, Chitzen Itza, and the Park of Xcaret. Swam with dolphins!

A relaxing time in Yucatan!


Swimming with the dolphins
Chitzen Itza
Xcaret Park
Swimming in the coralblue sea

Quick Tips:

It´s quite expensive as 95 % of the tourists are Americans. Bring !

Best Way To Get Around:

My reccommendation is to go with arranged bustrips.




With over 1,00 years’ history, the ancient city of Pole (modern-day Xcaret) was once both, a major walled ceremonial center and a thriving port and trade center for the Mayan people. One of the Eco Park newest attractions designed for those who want to experience the Xcaret rivers but prefer not to swim.

Experience the magical sensation of swimming with the dolphins in paradise! Xcaret gives you the possibility of swimming freely with the most intelligent and charismatic species in the ocean, the dolphin. This area is filled with hundreds of birds and different species of regional wildlife, some of which are in danger of extinction.

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Riviera Maya - 5 miles from Playa derl Carmen
Playa del Carmen, Mexico