Punta Cana Journals

1 Week in Punta Cana

An October 2007 trip to Punta Cana by babyblueize314

Quote: Much needed vacation

1 Week in Punta Cana


While the hotel was beautiful, the food left a lot to be desired. There was the same food at the breakfast buffet day after day. The only difference was the inconsistency of the way the food was cooked. One day the bacon would be crispy and dry, the next day it was not only raw but also sitting in a vat of fat.Quick Tips: I think seeing as though it is hard to leave your resort, a week may be a bit to long. And this is coming from someone who never wants to come home from vacation. Best Way To Get Around: We only left the resort once. We booked a trip to Manati Park through our hotel. However, after rushing through breakfast in order to make it to the front to be picked up, they for...Read More