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A Few more Days in Seoul

A June 2007 trip to Seoul by Eric from Aiea

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Quote: I have been going over to Seoul on short business trips and getting a better chance to look around the city with each visit.

A Few more Days in Seoul


Trinket shopping in Central City Photo, Seoul, South Korea
Don't miss the night time activities in the Central City area. During the weeknights and weekend - the shopping crowds began to grow as the sun goes down. The place mixes upscale with small scale shops and street vendors, and you can hold a lot of surprises as you look around. This is much more a fashion area than a electronic area, but there are some interesting places to check out.Quick Tips: No matter where you find it - Krispy Kreme is always a welcome sight! There are plenty of different coffee and tea places in central city to kick back and watch the crowds passing and coming and going. Many of the restaurants on the second or third floor of a building also provide great oppor...Read More

Lotte Hotel Seoul

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Lotte Hotel Seoul Photo, Seoul, South Korea
When we arrived at the huge shiny lobby of the Lotte and were greeted by the girl dressed in the traditional Korean outfit, and seeing the two-story waterfall outside the plate glass window of the main bar - I was wondering if we really could afford the price that they would surely be charging us! But using my buddy’s Lotte Privilege Club card – we were able to get great rates and free breakfast at the Lotte Seoul and had a great stay at a truly spectacular hotel.The 1,486-room Lotte Hotel Seoul is located in central city of downtown Seoul and is connected to the gigantic Lotte Mall. It is close enough to the City Hall for us to have seen one peaceful demonstration while there! The Lotte is i...Read More

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Lotte Hotel Seoul
Seoul, South Korea