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Teotihuacan, Where the Gods were Created

A May 2007 trip to Mexico City by JesusW

Piramides Charlies Photo, Mexico City, Mexico More Photos
Quote: Nobody knows the real name of this city, but the Aztecs choose a perfect one, City of Gods.

Piramides Charlie's


Piramides Charlie's Photo, Mexico City, Mexico
This restaurant is one of the few that are not tourist traps, I have been there several times and the service and food is constantly good and the prices are reasonable.Despite the name, the place is cool and not too touristy and not too cheese. They have the usual fun things for Gringos to have fun, but the quality of the food and the prices are attractive and worth the visit. Service can be a bit slow if there are a couple of bus loads of tourists, so plan on arriving at different times from the other tours, check the parking lot to get an idea. Of course, avoid at all cost Sundays. The pyramids are so popular with European tourist that the menu comes in Spanish, English, Fr...Read More

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Piramides Charlie's
Circuito Arqueológico de las Pirámides s/n entre puerta 1 y 2
+52 (1594) 956-0472

Tetitla Compound at Teotihuacan

Attraction | "Tetitla neighborhood"

Tetitla Compound at Teotihuacan Photo, Mexico City, Mexico
This little neighborhood is outside the main ring of the huge pyramids but has a lot of wonderful treasures inside.This wasn't a temple nor a huge building complex, more than that it was a housing area, and nicely decorated, it might have been used by dignitaries of other areas of the ancient Meso-America area. The appealing thing of the Tetitla area resides on the many pieces of murals still in good shape, you get to admire the skills of the artisans that made them almost 2,000 years ago. There are also small temples in the form or miniature pyramids, not even 2 meters high. To get there you start by buying your ticket at any of the main gates to the pyramids (puerta 1 is th...Read More

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Tetitla Compound at Teotihuacan
Outside The Perimetral Road To The Pyramids
Teotihuacan, Basin of Mexico