Amsterdam Journals

Easter in Amsterdam

An April 2001 trip to Amsterdam by nickj

Quote: Wanderlust strikes again and the Easter weekend finds me in Amsterdam for no apparent reason other than I’ve never been there before. I left London in the company of my long-time friend Harv who had been on contract but was now "between jobs" as the polite vernacular would have it.

Easter in Amsterdam


Food, the Van Gogh museum, the Rijksmuseum, the people, the Anne Frank house, coffee shops and the endless atmosphere.

Quick Tips:

Best Way To Get Around:

Amsterdam is small enough to comfortably cover on foot but should you feel the need the trams are excellent and will generally take you within 500m of your destination.

Amsterdam at large

Best Of IgoUgo


So what’s to see in Amsterdam? To tell the truth I was a bit concerned when, resorting to my usual favourite guide book, I failed to turn up the usual stunning list of must see attractions. Okay, so there were a few galleries to see, the odd canal or two and about a hundred odd churches of varying vintages but nothing really stood out. The main reason for visiting Amsterdam seemed to come down to smut and drugs. Fair enough, I thought, slumming for a week in Amsterdam sound like a good way to spend Easter. An hour out of Gatwick we coasted into Schipol barely giving the hosties time to whip away the potted airline meal that they had placed in front of us scant moments before. The airport was eff...Read More