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Coba in the jungle

An April 2007 trip to Coba by pault36

The main ballcourt Photo, Coba, Mexico More Photos
Quote: A day trip to Coba, the Mayan ruins still mostly hidden in jungle. Quick overview of the ruins, an encounter with a crocodile, vendors, and a restaurant.

Visiting the ruins

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The main ballcourt Photo, Coba, Mexico
We arrived at the ruins early, as advised by the guide books, around 8:30a, and found the parking lot mostly empty. We payed our entrance fee and, again acting on the advice of guidebooks, hired a tour guide. $25 gave us a half hour tour into the very first part of the ruins, the Grupo Coba. Our tour guide was personable but I admit to a certain disappointment with the energy and quantity of information imparted. One high point of our guided tour was the explanation of the ball courts. With three ball courts identified at Coba, this aspect of sport and social life must have been highly valued. After our guided tour we were set free to explore. One of the unique and very reasonab...Read More

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