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Annapolis- the Wedding Capital

An April 2007 trip to Annapolis by BijanBayne

Quote: Maryland's capital is a leading destination wedding site

Annapolis- the Wedding Capital


Seafood, historical homes, a prestigious campus, boat rides on the Chesapeake; all these attractions make Annapolis a popular choice for destination wedding-goers. With its seasonal weather and crabcake delights, the city is drawing more and more couples to tie the knot amongst the activities of their guests.At the campus of the U.S. Naval Academy, chapel weddings "under the swords" take place, in season, every hour on the hour on Saturdays. Any Academy grad may apply, and plenty do. Visitors will not only witness the wedding parties from these unions, but those of the more civilian variety, at local restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and hotels such as the new Doubletree or Waterfront Marriot...Read More