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A travel journal to Tulcea by Joe Fry

Quote: A complete getaway! A place just to relax for the day or why not stay awhile and take in the birdlife and fishing.
The Danube Delta has a lot more to offer. The area should be declared an “outstanding beauty.” My hosts seemed to know exactly what were the right things for me to do. On this occasion, they had hired a boat and off we went for twelve hours with the wildlife. We cruised for miles without seeing another soul. Our only company were the wild birds perched on rushes, watching our intrusion. Sitting on deck with a drink, it wasn’t long before I dozed in the sunlight, the only intrusion being the low drone of the engine. Our destination of the day proved to be Mila 23, a fishing village hidden away in the Delta. A row of small houses lined the riverbank, standing out against the greenery with their blue pai...Read More

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Joe Fry

Joe Fry
Tulcea, Romania

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Birdlife, fishing, and relaxation