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Las Vegas Christmas

A December 1997 trip to Las Vegas by sasha1

"Ghost Towns" Old Nevada Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada More Photos
Quote: Winter and outdoors in Nevada. Never thought it could be so much fun. After the gambling bug's sting is gone we head out into the desert. Did we have fun!

Las Vegas Christmas

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Cold Shower Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada
How about ducks skating on a frozen pond in a mountain "ghost town" and a funky saloon show? Or a one-horse open sleigh ride on Mount Charleston? Revisited the Valley of Fire to touch back on its isolated beauty. If you never venture beyond the neon lights of Las Vegas you are missing a heck of a trip and a memorable experience. Quick Tips: The cold and wind can be brutal in the winter. You are going into the desert and the mountains. Dress warm, wear sturdy shoes and, as I repeat again and again, take water. Once you leave the city you are truly entering the Badlands. There is little out there and while it's part of the attraction you need to respect the environment.Best Way To Get ...Read More
Too silly and too much fun. Bypass Red Rock Canyon and continue on a two lane road to adventure. Obviously meant for warmer times, we decided to see where we might end up and it was a silly pretend Wild West Town (Old Nevada) that left us laughing and shivering. Pity the poor ducks as they waddled across the frozen pond. We had a great time traveling through the desert and following obviously amatuer signs just to experience the trip. If you are willing to just do something for the fun of it and take a chance at following signs to adventure - this is for you.

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"Ghost Towns" Old Nevada
Las Vegas Area
Las Vegas, Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park Photo, Overton, Nevada
There will be little company on your trip. This is an isolated area so close to the glitz of Las Vegas...yet a world away.

Hike through beautiful and stark landscapes and imagine that you are the first person through this terrain. Come across paintings from hundreds of years ago and know someone came before you. Match your handprint to theirs.

Listen to the wind as night approaches and the desert shadows lengthen around you.

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Valley of Fire State Park
P.O. Box 515
Overton, Nevada 89040
(702) 397-2088

Mount Charleston


Mount Charleston Photo, Mount Charleston, Nevada
If you leave the casinos long enough to look Northwest you will see Mount Charleston. When we heard there's been a snowstorm we couldn't resist the trip. Go north on Interstate 95 then head west to Mount Charleston. If you aren't familiar with driving in snow be careful as some of the roads are steep and icy. After we stopped for a snowball war we headed to the Lodge and took a true one horse open sligh ride through the mountains complete with sliegh bells jingling. For $7.00 a passenger it was a bargain. Afterwards we were glad for hot coffee and chocolate as we sat next to a hot fire the Lodge. Next to the ski area but detoured and stopped when we saw a hill with impro...Read More

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Mount Charleston
35 miles northwest of Las Vegas Strip
Mount Charleston, Nevada 89109

Adventuredome Theme Park

Attraction | "Grand Slam Canyon"

Adventuredome Theme Park Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada
After all the great outdoors we went into Las Vegas for one more activity. We went to the Adventuredome and boarded little yellow rafts for a ride on the water coaster. Ends in a big splash and lots of fun. We went early so it wasn't crowded and rode several times.

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Adventuredome Theme Park
2880 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
(702) 794-3939