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An April 2007 trip to Nassau by Lady Lisa

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Conch Fritters Bar & Grill

Restaurant | "Conch Fritters Bar and Grill"

Conch Fritters Bar & Grill Photo, Nassau, Bahamas
This was a nice little restaurant, easy to find right across from the Hilton Hotel and a short walk from the Straw Market. The interior is brightly decorated. We were a party of two and it cost about $32, plus automatic gratuity. We had two drinks and two plates of conch fritters (6 each). They were very good. It was our first time trying them and we liked it! There were hardly any people there on a friday night. Maybe we were there too early, I don't know! They do accept credit cards, but they also wanted my husband's driver's license number written down on the reciept. They seemed rather pushy about it but we kept our ground and said no, they don't need it, and then they said not to bother wit...Read More

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Conch Fritters Bar & Grill
Marlborough Street Across from British Colonial Hilton
Nassau, Bahamas
(242) 323-8778

Scooter Rental


We came in on a cruise ship and docked at Prince George Wharf. There is a scooter rental right nearby, so we checked it out. It was $50 a day or $60 a day for a two seater, or $35 for two hours. There was a $20 deposit which they said they would give back after you returned the scooter. I'm ot sure why they do that, but it seemed rather odd. At this particular place, they were open till 6pm. The guy trying to get us to rent one was really pushy and kept saying he has a "deal", which he really didn't since he was still charging us the full price and saying they close at 5pm but that he would stay around until 6pm just for us. We were a little weary about his sale pitch so in the end we decided not t...Read More