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Commodore on the Beach on Galveston Island

A May 1992 trip to Galveston by gayleannherron

Commodore on the Beach Photo, Galveston, Texas More Photos
Quote: A Caribbean-type vacation without the passport.

Commodore on the Beach

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Commodore on the Beach Photo, Galveston, Texas
From 1975 until the mid-1990s I use to spend a lot of time flying down to Galveston for those extended weekends and just to hide away. I stayed at one of two places, most often the Commodore.The Commodore is in a "to die for" location, literally a walk across Seawall Blvd to the beach, midway between the two major intersections/routes to the beach from the main part of Galveston; and the hotel is a family owned and run enterprises that has been around since Mr. Druss had it built about fifty years ago.The rooms are bigger than anything typical, and very comfortable, with patios and balconies, and the pool is fun as it sits right up against the sidewalk running parallel to the Seaw...Read More

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Commodore on the Beach
37th and Seawall Boulevard
Galveston, Texas 77552
(800) 231-9921