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A March 2007 trip to Chicago by NoFunNDaSun

Quote: Chicago Trolley and Double Decker Tours.
My wife and I are big travelers and have visited most medium and big cities in the U.S. Whenever we travel we always try and utilize a tour similar to this to learn about the city and to use as a way of hopping around the city. Of all the tours like this that we have been on, this one was the best we have ever taken. They had funny and knowledgeable drivers and tour guides that kept us entertained informed and laughing through most of our tour.We especially liked our ability to get on and get off the trolleys and double decker buses all day long. They go almost every place you want to go and this tour even included a separate route to take you to three e...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on April 20, 2007

Chicago Trolley Tours
1709 South Prairie Ave (office)
Chicago, Illinois 60658
(773) 648-5000