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Umbria, Lazio, Tuscana

A June 2005 trip to Umbria by Clove17402

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Quote: We rented a villa overlooking Spoletto, in Umbria, and spent a week touring through Umbria, Lazio ,and Tuscana.

Umbria, Lazio, Tuscana


Rome Photo, Italy, Europe
We spent most of our time touring through central and northern Umbria with a day trip to Rome, another to Sienna, and a third to Florence. We spent a day in Deruta, another in Assisi, one in Gubbio/Montefalco, one in Perugia and, with no advance planning, caught an Elvis Costello open-air concert in Spello. Our villa was located in the hills above Spoletto so we were very centrally located for this kind of touring.Quick Tips: When you have more than two adults on a trip like this, a villa is a good consideration. Ours was wonderful, well-located and cost about per person per day.Best Way To Get Around: Because we were staying in a rural villa, we rented a car and used it as our...Read More

Villa Marina


A private house, built in the 1500s, restored and pretty modern. Three bedrooms and two baths, living room, dining room, and eat-in kitchen. There were olive groves on one side and a vinyard on the other with flowers and lavender all over.

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