Boston Journals

Dear Boston College Kids

A travel journal to Boston by FastRabbit

Quote: Listen kids, there are some traditions that you must uphold. Here is one.
Walden Pond. At Night. In the summer. I hope that got you thinking. Now I won't suggest that you do this but it is truly amazing to drive your car at night out to Walden Pond and go for a swim with some pals. This is a magical little pond, surrounded by trees, famous for inspiring some writings and always delightfully cool on the skin. Besides it has always been a tradition, many a young one have dashed out in the middle of the night for a special little swim. I suggest going with friends, being quiet. Concord is a wealthy little town, you do not want any nightly attention. The pond is pretty good in the day also...a little crowded but overall always pleasant and gets you thinking about th...Read More