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Prearranged Private Guide In Tangier

A March 2007 trip to Tangier by ntcombs1

Quote: We were flexible with our Private Tours in Tangier Morocco.
We have all returned from our absolutely incredible trip to Morocco by Nezhatour (nezhatour@gmail.com). I Can't wait to go back. Our guide was really fantastic, he was with us the whole time and knew a lot about the places we visited. He did an excellent job above and beyond his required work. He took us to special places not on the original itinerary, and his surprise side trips were just fantastic and some of the highlights of the trip. It was truly and amazing trip. We wanted to let other travelers know that the service was excellent. We couldn't imagine a better guide or driver. They really made our trip special and we will miss them and their beautiful cou...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on April 18, 2007