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Remote and little known, but well worth a

An October 2006 trip to Capitol Reef National Park by Wasatch

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Quote: Poor Capitol Reef. Located in the far boondocks, it doesn’t get any respect.

Remote and little known, but well worth a


The Reef Photo, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
Capitol Reef is one of our favorite places to visit. Unlike the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone’s OldFaithful, Capitol Reef never gets boring. The reef, a.k.a. the Waterpocket Fold, is a ripple in theEarth’s surface about 10 miles across, more than 100 miles long, and over 1,000 ft. high. Geologically, it is the textbook example of an eroded monocline, the largest on Earth. Home tonatural bridges, waterfalls, a miniature Grand Canyon, cliffs, and rocks of red, white, yellow,brown, green, and orange, Capitol Reef has it all. Capitol Reef has two paved scenic roads. Scenic UT Rt 24 runs east-west through the park along the Fremont River Canyon. Capitol ReefScenic Drive is...Read More

UT Rt. 12

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waterfalls Photo, Utah, United States
We encountered a bus of Frenchmen at the Escalante River Overlook. Their guide was frantically trying to get them back on the bus, but without success. He said, “Of course they don’t want to leave, but I have to get them Sunset Point (Bryce Canyon, National Park) while it’s still light.” This is one of the wonders of Rt 12: every time you think you have reached the pinnacle of scenery, the next stop tops it.Rt 12 crosses a landscape so rugged that it was the last place in the USA where mail was delivered by mule– too steep and too dangerous for horses. The road was not paved until the 1980s. Most of Rt 12 lies within the 1,900,000 acre Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument....Read More

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The Grand Staircase is the dominant geologic feature of the Colorado Plateau. The Grand Canyon is one small part of the Grand Staircase. There is nothing else on Earth like the Grand Staircase, which is so large it cannot be seen, it must be imagined. The Grand Staircase is a series of high plateaus piled one on top of another, much like a flight of stairs starting at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, more that 1,000 feet below sea level, and rising to 10,450 feet on Boulder Mtn., aka the Aquarius Plateau. Geologists flock to the Grand Staircase for its unique scientific importance. The Grand Staircase is the only place on Earth where the entire geologic history of the world, more than three bil...Read More