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Chemas by the Sea

An April 2007 trip to Davao by jeriboi

chemas by the sea Photo, Davao, Philippines More Photos
Quote: Chemas has always occupied a nice piece of my heart. I think it is one of the better beach fronts in Samal Island.

Chemas by the Sea

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chemas by the sea Photo, Davao, Philippines
Chemas by the Sea is one of the resorts that line the Samal coastline fronting Davao City. It can be reached by chartered boat from Waterfront Hotel (PhP150, one way). Fine white sand and the unspoiled beauty of the sunset over Davao City makes Chemas a wonderful place to relax and unwind.A choice of cabanas (PhP 1,500/night) and an air-conditioned room (PhP 3,500/night) lets you sleep by the sea. Being a small place, it has a certain exclusivity to it that heals the body of stress and rejuvenates the spirit.Quick Tips: It is best to always reserve for a place before proceeding to Chemas. Get in touch with Quincho, the manager and owner of the place (0917-814-0814) for him to prepare ...Read More

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