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A June 2002 trip to St. Louis by lwitkop

Quote: A quick trip to the St. Louis area.

Six Flags

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Six Flags St. Louis is a great travel destination for the whole family. There are large roller coasters for the more adventurous, along with carnival ride favorites like the "Witch's Wheel" and "Tilt-O-Whirl", too. There's also a water park, great for hot days, and as far as I remember, admission to the water park is included with admission to Six Flags. Not every amusement park offers pay-one-price admission when there's a water park, so that was definitely nice.My one complaint about Six Flags St. Louis was that it just wasn't up to my standards. I grew up visiting Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, which is a huge amusement park with world-ranked and record-breaking coasters. The roller coaster...Read More

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Six Flags
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