Pokhara Journals

An Enthusiastic Trip to Pokhara

A March 2007 trip to Pokhara by krishna123

Quote: About the place, historical and cultural monuments.

Kathmandu, Nepal


The city is sophisticated with nightclubs, the theaters and the nightclubs are open till mid night which chalks out a very fascinating night life in this area. The proliferation of the western culture and the abundance of the tourist have profoundly enriched the night life of the inhabitants and created a new environment in their life. Pokhara is a city of Nepal, which is renowned for lakes and its cultural monuments. The night view of the lake really touches every people meeting their soul and mind combination. The delightful views of the beautiful temples during night makes you feel that you are in heaven for a infinitesimal moment. Thus in overall we can conclude that the n...Read More

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