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The Best Adventure I Ever Had!

A February 2006 trip to Dubai by PrincessToronto

Quote: A great desert adventure!

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My friend and I were picked up from our hotel in the afternoon by a spacious GMC Yukon. Our charming safari guide, Mubbashir (nicknamed Muby) entertained us with Dubai facts and trivia while we listened to Abba on the way to the desert, about 45 minutes away. Once we reached the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Mubbashir deflated the tires while we took beautiful panoramic pictures of the desert. We then buckled in for our dune bashing! Mubbashir was a fantastic guide, talking and joking with us while driving over the dunes with skill and what seemed like years of experience. We were five in the car and the family of three sharing the car with us were loving it as well. Their 5 year old ...Read More

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