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Franklin Park Conservatory is Columbus Treasure

A May 2006 trip to Columbus by MonnieR

Franklin Park Conservatory Photo, Columbus, Ohio More Photos
Quote: Glass art, orchids, and butterflies make Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio, a wonderful place to visit.

Franklin Park Conservatory

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Franklin Park Conservatory Photo, Columbus, Ohio
When I was in college at Kent State University in the early 1960s, I spent a summer as an intern at a state government agency in Columbus, the Buckeye State capital, and living in an apartment on Franklin Park West - right across from Franklin Park. Back then, the high crime rate in the area kept most folks away, including me, but it was so beautiful from the outside looking in that the desire to see more never went away.Since then, the park - which first hosted the Franklin County Fair in 1852 - has undergone a major transformation to become one of the city’s main attractions. A big turning point came in 1986, when AmeriFlora 92 was organized and the par...Read More

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Franklin Park Conservatory
1777 East Broad St
Columbus, Ohio 43203
(800) 214-7275