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Diving Midway Island

A July 2000 trip to Midway Islands by Shea G

Quote: I wrote this shortly after my return in 2000. As I understand it, things at Midway have changed; in fact, the atoll was closed to dive charters for some time. I'm not sure what the status is, but I'm sure it remains a spectacular dive location.

Diving Midway Atoll

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Sharks. That's what I'm here for, and within 5 minutes of hitting the water I see my first one. It's small, about 3 feet long, a puppy dog of a Galapagos, but it gets up close and personal. Finally I turn away and continue gazing out into the blue with more and bigger sharks on the brain, as the Galapagos trails along on my fins. I have come to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, to this speck of an island 1,100 miles northwest of the main Hawaiian Islands, because Midway Atoll has drawn me here with its promise of sharks, and it does not disappoint. The most remote coral atoll on the face of the earth, Midway was the site of a famous 1942 land and sea battle between the Japanese and the ...Read More

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Shea G
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Diving Midway Atoll