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A March 2006 trip to Providenciales by jkrogers

Quote: My family and I came to the island in search of some much needed leisure and fun. We are a very adventurous and fun loving group who enjoy mixing with the locals and indulging while on vacation.

Bella Luna


We chose to go to Bella Luna after the concierge and numerous other locals told us that we would enjoy ourselves and it was "worth it." My husband called to make the reservation two days in advance. Upon calling, he specifically asked "do you allow children." The hostess on the other end said "yes, sir." We made an 8pm reservation. We arrived promptly at 8pm and were greeted by the hostess who seemed to be fumbling thru the book when we gave the name. She told us she would be right back. At that point a very hostile lady approached my husband and demanded to know our name again. My husband gave it to her and she started searching again and said she could not find us. Then she demanded to k...Read More

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Bella Luna
Grace Bay Road
Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands
+649 946 5214