Amsterdam Journals


An October 1997 trip to Amsterdam by Gadreel

Quote: In a city this small you need to look close for the gems.
After being told to wait in a half empty restaurant because we didn't have a reservation, we ordered a rather expensive rijsttafel. The soft circus music playing the background became more noticeable and our miserable waitress delivered cold soup. After a few spoons I decided this evening should come to an early end, so I pleaded with the manager (twice) to let me pay for the drinks and soup and skip the rest of the menu. I should be so lucky! We were forced to sit through the entire course of canned food and clammy chicken. The best part of our evening was seeing the exit sign on our way out. My 82 euros will not be forgotten!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 on March 24, 2007

Sarang Mas Indonesian Restaurant
Rokin 84
Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 (20) 528-9590