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AAA Girls at Seaworld

A March 2007 trip to San Diego by toytwin78

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Quote: My AAA Girls--Angel, Amber, and Ashlyn a day trip to seaworld.

SeaWorld San Diego

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SeaWorld San Diego Photo, San Diego, California
Fun in the sun with the grandkids. A day at seaworld. With all being under five it's a little limited on a lot of things but we had a great day. The shamu show, dolphins, and sea lion show are classic must-see (funny how they haven't changed a whole lot over the years). And they did enjoy the tide pools the most being able to touch things. The shark encounter was another matter, it is not the best for the smaller ones, they get a little spooked. But they did have fun at the kids playland with all the sand... better than the beach!

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