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Week in Hot Springs, Arkansas

A May 2006 trip to Hot Springs by bedmond

Quote: Great spot to relax, spa, and finally read that book you've been saying you would.

Week in Hot Springs, Arkansas


The spa at downtown Hot Springs has been operating for more than a century. It's definitely worth the visit and enjoy the mineral baths with a massage.

Quick Tips:

You can find discounts around town, you just have to keep your eyes open. Those little stands with brochures are very helpful for that.

Best Way To Get Around:

You have to have a car. It's a beautiful area with plenty to do, but you definitely need a car to get around.

Hot Springs National Park

Attraction | "Great Trails in the Area"

The resort has many trails that run all over the many acres it owns. It's a great way to spend a morning walking through nature or just a nice walk after dinner. You could literally walk to the lakes, golf courses, restaurants and almost anything else you need. It's a wonderful place to be in the outdoors without worrying about getting lost because you can always find your way back with the helpful signs.

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Hot Springs National Park
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