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A March 2007 trip to Reading by Little_Miss_Travel

Quote: This is just an intro journal about myself and how I am home for Spring Break because unfortunately I do not have the money to go anywhere...

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I have been home for a week off and on between here and Harrisburg, PA. I have been posting my resume online and searching for jobs most of my break. It doesn't seem likely that I can find a job that allows me to travel, yet not need to have a boring desk job behind it. I am currently watching the travel channel and "Passport to Europe" now that is job I could really get used to. I love experiencing other places around the world and different cultures. Many  amazing places around the world that one can't even begin to imagine the tip of the iceberg of what is on this massive Earth! I cannot wait to go back to Europe, my boyfriend of three years, Kyle, and I are hoping to ...Read More

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