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TDY from Feb to March 2007

A March 2007 trip to Monterey by ComicTragedy

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If you go here, make sure you're a little older and look like you have money ...I finished work, took off the tie and put on a T-shirt and jeans to go relax over dinner - by myself, with a textbook for class - on my last night before flying out and going home. I used to live in the area (12 years ago) and remembered this place well, so I was saving it for my last night in town - especially because I was on an expense account, so the price didn't bother me too much.Wrong move.The owner (Vito, I presume) seemed to get along great with the middle aged former-yuppie types... but me he didn't seem to like much. When I asked for a recommendation from the menu he snapped "...Read More

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