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The Lodge at St. George, Belize

A January 2007 trip to Belize by flamingokid

Quote: The vacation on St. George was expensive and it was supposed to be a dream come true. . .

Lodge at St. George

Hotel | "The Lodge at St. George"

Monday: The place is beautiful--very nice. But get this: we are the only guests in the entire resort. Today we went out snorkeling in a boat meant for 30 people--just us.Friday: Counting the days. Thursday I got the shit bitten out of me--I have bites all over--probably sand fleas. But the glass is half full! I don't have sunburn--just sun poisoning. Little water blisters on my arms and various splotches here and there. We're going out snorkeling again today and I'm praying the water is calm in clear. It's a huge reef but it’s not the greatest for snorkeling. Diving is the attraction here--not snorkeling. The lodge is still empty and it has become more apparent why it is empty. It was owne...Read More

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Lodge at St. George
P.O. BOX 1412
Belize City, Belize

We went from a “luxury” lodge in Belize to the Jungle Inn at Tikal in Guatemala. We flew in a three passenger plane and I can’t imagine how we would have managed to schlep all our snorkeling gear and dirty clothes. We were either lucky enough or smart enough to find out about Margie’s Travel Service at the Belize Airport before the fact. We stashed our stuff with Margie at a slightly stiff $5 per day per piece of luggage. Three bags, three days, you do the math. It was worth it!When we left Belize City for our three-day excursion to Guatemala, we had to pay an exit tax—in U.S. dollars, cash money—of $30 each. When we left Guatemala, we had to pay another exorbitant exit tax and when we left Be...Read More