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Amsterdam, Great as Usual!

A February 2007 trip to Amsterdam by Ksu

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Amsterdam, Great as Usual!


Houses Photo, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Did you Know? • Dubbed "Venice of the North"• 738,763 (1.498 million) inhabitants• 600,000 bicycles• 21 Markets• 10,334 Shops• 1,281 bridges• 1,402 cafés and restaurants• 2,500 houseboats• 6 windmills • 36 discosQuick Tips: I advise you to buy one of the discount passes. Both of them are extremely useful, since first, you can save some money and, second, you visit places that you did not intend to visit at all. The ones I purchased are these:I amsterdam card 24, 48 and 72 hour (€33/ € 43/ €53)Includes:– Use of public transport– Free canal boat tour– Discounts in restaurants and café...Read More

Red Light District


Red Light District Photo, Amsterdam, Netherlands

• Soak in the architecture (it is one of Amsterdam’s oldest and most beautiful parts);

• Be aware of pickpockets;

• Look in the windows!

• Take photos of the occupied windows;

• Go by yourself (never do that, because it was scary);

• Visit the Red Light District first;

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Red Light District
Oz Vootburgwal and Oz Achterburgwal
Amsterdam, Netherlands