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An August 2006 trip to St. Louis by pbpd81

City Museum Photo, St. Louis, Missouri More Photos
Quote: A wonderful city offering uncountable opportunities for enjoyment!

City Museum


City Museum Photo, St. Louis, Missouri
This is the most amazing place. The City Museum offers something for everyone. Set up in an old shoe company building; it is like a 3 story playhouse built of what looks like junk. As you enter, the first thing you see is a slide reaching from the ground level to the top floor. They have constructed an indoor tree house as well as a cave, hours can be spent crawling through the maze of tunnels going from floor to floor. At one point from the bottom floor you can look through a crevice covered in Plexiglas and watch the people walking above. The skateless park includes ramps and a bowl where the kids can slip and slide around (no skating allowed). Monstro City is a towering maze of wrought iron tunnels...Read More

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City Museum
701 North 15th St.
St. Louis, Missouri 63103
(314) 231-2489