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Checking Out--or In--Cebu

A travel journal to Cebu by tigerspeaks

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Quote: This is my new home... or so I try to convince myself.

Checking Out--or In--Cebu

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Think of it as a sexy and sultry vixen posing for a magazine centerfold. Yep, that's Cebu. Find a map of the Philippines and you'll know what I mean. Every time somebody hears the name of our country, Manila always seems to come to mind. Well, let's change that. Cebu is in, geographically and figuratively, the heart of the Pearl of the Orient. Again, check that map. It's a plane hour away from Manila but it looks and feels like a million miles away. Its taxi drivers are friendly, hospitable, honest (most of the time), and most importantly, solicitous enough to try to converse to foreign visitors in ways that can somehow be understood--English, Filipino, improvised sign (and sou...Read More

Living in Cebu


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I could hardly believe that it's been more than five years since I first packed my bags and decided to leave home and find my center in Cebu. I remember doing it half-heartily so. Not because I didn't wanna leave home, but because it wasn't exactly where I wanted to be. Well that was before. That has taken a significant tire-screeching turn for quite sometime now. Cebu is the perfect stop--or pit stop--for weary wanderlust people. It's urbane enough to provide you with the latest update from the jungle out there, the hippest bars and clubs, the new trends and styles in fashion and the technology to get in touch with the rest of the world. As a bonus, it's got heavenly beaches and to-die-for hideawa...Read More