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An April 2004 trip to Newport by TSamuel

Quote: The Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport is the ultimate writer's escape.

Sylvia Beach Hotel

Best Of IgoUgo


Truly a gem! A bed-and-breakfast for the literati. A beach from view of the Oregon coast, a library and best of all, rooms themed after writers. This is one of those very special places where rooms come with out phones, television, and floor plans. Every unique room has the whimsy of one an eclectic mix of celebrated literary figures.Almost anyone can find a writer and/or room to suit them. I recommend the Edgar Allen Poe room, unless you scare easy, it has a pendulum over the bed, a ominous raven in one corner and a closet that leads to the blood chilling brick wall from "A Cask of Amontillado." Not recommended for those who scare easy. There are 23 alternatives at three different price tiers...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on February 28, 2007

Sylvia Beach Hotel
267 N.W. Cliff
Newport, Oregon 97365
(888) 795-8422.