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Sweet Tuscany/Lively Dublin

An April 2005 trip to Europe by SeekingUp

Accidental Tourist Photo, Florence, Italy More Photos
Quote: Taking pleasure from the small things in Florence and Dublin.

Accidental Tourist

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Accidental Tourist Photo, Florence, Italy
It was April in Italy, and our second day in Firenze dawned gray, damp and chilly. Still, we were excited to venture outside the city center and visit a small villa and winery in the Tuscan hills. Having signed up for a half-day picnic and wine tasting with Accidental Tourist, we were undoubtedly disappointed when the picnic was canceled due to the weather. Fortunately, the tasting was to continue so we loaded up two cars and headed out from our meeting point just on the other side of the Arno river, looking forward to an authentic experience. As the title Accidental Tourist might imply, our small t...Read More

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Accidental Tourist
Via Roma, 647
Florence, Tuscany 50010
+39 055 699376

Quick--Which Irish playwright won an Academy Award for the screenplay of Pygmalion, which was also adapted into a musical?If you answered George Bernard Shaw, you just might win a t-shirt from Dublin's Literary Pub Crawl, a famous walking tour that highlights two famous aspects of Irish culture: bustling pubs and a rich literary tradition. Beginning at the Duke Pub on (where else?) Duke Street, the two guides - working actors - led our group of about twenty-five people through Dublin streets. Along the way, they sprinkled trivia, songs, and scenes centered around the work of famous Irish write...Read More

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Dublin Literary Pub Crawl
9 Duke Street
Dublin, Ireland
+353 (1) 670 5602