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Bon Appetit in Switzerland!

A December 2006 trip to Geneva by callmechia

Quote: Just scratching the surface of the wealth of great things to eat in Switzerland.

Bon Appetit in Switzerland!

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Of course, I'm an avid traveller, but I am an equally avid foodie, and so is my friend, with whom I stayed for 2 winter weeks in Dec-Jan. Luckily Swiss food, even in winter, didn't disappoint. Switzerland is a great country for foodies, as their regulations tend to encourage freshness, absence of additives, and locally grown produce. In fact, our trip turned out to be more gastronomic than globetrotter! As is the case in many European countries, Swiss cheeses were abundant, varied, and extremely delicious. What we in the states generically refer to as "Swiss cheese" comes in as many as 10, even 15, varieties at any local cheese counter. Fortunately, most vendors are willing to give you a sa...Read More

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