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Liberty in the Kingdom of Bahrain

A December 2006 trip to Bahrain by Sail Army

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Quote: I have visited Bahrain as an Army Sailor on liberty. I figured it was high time to share it.

Ric's Kountry Kitchen

Restaurant | "Ric's Country Kitchen"

Ric's country Kitchen for me was the perfect place to go to feel like I was back in America. I know, this sounds silly to go to a foreign country and eat in an American Restaurant. However, if you have been away from the States for some time, as I have, it is a pleasant change. Ric's offers a different theme buffet every night, ranging from Southwest BBQ to Mexican, to seafood. They also have a very good selection on their dinner menu. They have excellent steaks and my favorite... the hot hamburger (a hamburger steak topped with fries and smothered in Gravy). Ric's also offers a full bar with mixed drinks and several beers on Tap... something of a novelty in Bahrain.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on February 18, 2007

Ric's Kountry Kitchen
P O Box 18092
Juffair, Bahrain
973 17725550

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Portuguese Fort Photo, Bahrain, Middle East
I have visited the Kingdom of Bahrain on several occasions. The last time I was there (December, 2006) I actually did more than eat out and drink cocktails with friends. There are many sites of interest in Bahrain. I have included pictures of a few. I went horseback riding in Sitra on Christmas day. We drove out to the Tree of Life and also went and explored the old Portuguese Fort. The best way to get around in Bahrain is to hire a driver like our ship's crew did, take a taxi, or know someone that lives locally. All the locals seem to know where everything is... most speak some English. I do not recommend renting a car because as in most third world countries... there don't seem to be any rul...Read More