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Bosque del Cabo

A January 2007 trip to Osa Peninsula by ustogether

Bosque del Cabo Photo, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica More Photos
Quote: We chose to get married at Bosque del Cabo with our immediate family as guests, and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding.

Bosque del Cabo

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Bosque del Cabo Photo, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Throughout our week-long stay at Bosque del Cabo, the owners, Kim and Phil, and the entire staff made us feel like honored guests. The level of communication leading up to the trip from Kim assured us we had made the right decision in choosing Bosque. We had many questions and a few requests, and Kim handled every one of them with professionalism and friendliness.It is not easy to get to Bosque del Cabo, as there was an hour-long, rugged ride to the nature lodge once we landed in Puerto Jiminez. For this reason and about a million others, we were very glad we’d chosen to stay for a week. Bosque is truly one of the most gorgeous places we’ve ever been.My husband and I stayed in ...Read More

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Bosque del Cabo
Osa Peninsula
Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

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