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All Over Italy: Stop 3, Bella Toscana

A September 2007 trip to Tuscany by VA_traveler

Street in San Gimignano Photo, San Gimignano, Italy More Photos
Quote: A stay in a wonderful little Agriturismo, with day trips to see the sites of Tuscany.

The Towering San Gimignano

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Street in San Gimignano Photo, San Gimignano, Italy
San Gimignano, like most Tuscan towns, has its share of towers. More than its share, actually - the 13 towers still standing give this little town the record. It isn't all about height, though - in fact, only one of the towers is open for climbing. San Gimignano has other charms to draw you. Like gelato. Yes, this town, with its population of about 7,000, is the home to the world's BEST gelato. This record is held by the gelateria in the Piazza della Cisterna in the center of town, which has won an international contest so many times, it's rumored each year that the owner is bored with the contest. It's a nondescript little shop, but the flavors are heavenly...we had tried lots...Read More