Sintra Journals

Day trip 1 to Sintra

A January 2007 trip to Sintra by nsdephw

Quote: This is a little taste of a great town I am going back and am planning on adding on to the experience.



Sintra is a town that is about 45 minutes west of Lisbon. It is a great tourist town. It has a cozy feel and reminds me of a mountain town in Colorado, except for the fact that there are at least two palaces and a castle there. We were here for less than a day. (We stayed the night in Lisbon.) There are two palaces. One is called the Palacio Nacional de Sintra. Though you can not take pictures inside, you must still walk in. The entrance fee in around 3 euros. The inside is decorated beautifully. The Swan room is a huge room with swans painted on the ceiling. Do not forget to look up on the tour, there is something painted on almost every ceiling of the palace. There are two chimney stacks that are...Read More