Portugal Journals

Extended Stay in Portugal

A November 2006 trip to Portugal by nsdephw

Quote: I have been here 3 months at this point and am planning on being here at least 3 more months. I am hoping to give great ins and outs. You should check back for more information. I will post as much as possible.

The Whole Story


Portugal is a wonderful country. It is a coastal country that is about the size of Indiana with double the population. The weather is very nice. The summers are hot with very little rain. The winter is very mild. (Their orange and lemon trees are in full season in the wintertime. You will see many trees HEAVY with them!) No SNOW!! That is their highest rain season but you do get wonderful crystal blue skies!! They best time is spring and fall. In Portugal there are hills, mountains, and cliffs. It is green all year except maybe in the summer when there is a lack of rain. Even though it is a small country there are many changes in the land. The north is a little colder. Some of the beaches ...Read More