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Destination Indonesia: A Journey Thru The Islands

An October 2004 trip to Indonesia by Uncle Travelling Al

Female Builders: BEFORE Photo, Lombok, Indonesia More Photos
Quote: A journey across the seas and the islands from Darwin to Sumatra...
Female Builders: BEFORE Photo, Lombok, Indonesia
"You must try some leaf soup," smiled our host. Sounds different. We're halfway up an Indonesian volcano, invited to a friend's home, and we're offered some leaf soup. Ah, sure we might as well give it a try... Three bowls later, the tripping began...Three days later, the comedown continued...So as I walked the streets of Mataram, pondering my purpose here and indeed, the reasons for my very existence, trying in vain to regain the use of my eye muscles (they had all but filled my eyeballs for 72 hours), I suddenly realised there was a purpose. I was here to observe..."Hello mister," the ringleader of a cute group of teenage girlies shouted...Read More
Sunset at Sea Photo, Indonesia, Asia
Night 4: A Customs Inspection With A Twist—Of Lemon..."Gwee-skeee" shouted the Timorese customs official as he sniffed, wide-eyed at the glasses on the counter. A worried glance at Jo. Our stash—four litres of Jim Beam—was in danger...Day 1...Upped anchor from s**thole Darwin, chasing a falling sun in its east-west traversal of the skies. No wind, except that from my insides, released at 10 knots an hour.Boat speed: 6 knots an hour, engine running.Earth's rotation about its axis: 900 knots/hour. We were destined to lose the chase, but the cycle would soon become routine. Night 4 (continued)..."Un Poquito mais! Poquito mais!" demanded the cust...Read More

Borneo 2 B Wild...

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King of the Castle Photo, Borneo, Malaysia
Mandy In the Bathroom..."Mandi!" the little old man spluttered out through a smiling, toothless mouth, with a rubbing gesture up and down his body. He had just returned from the bathroom.Had I been green to Indonesia, I would have naively assumed that a pretty young lady by that name was offering her services in the bathroom and I might have been tempted to seek a smile as big as his. But my "command" of the language told me that he was suggesting I have a shower, having spent enough time (25 hours) sitting down to have left a permanent impression of my buttocks on my seat. But my odour blended beautifully with my surroundings, so I didn't want to rock the boat....Read More
Smiling Border Patrol Menace Photo, Borneo, Malaysia
The Friendly NeighbourA knock on the door. "Hello!"In walks an uninvited, smiling middle-aged man. I had been alone in my room in the nasty Hotel Barito, in the nasty frontier town of Tarakan—a necessary pain-in-the-bu**ocks stop en route to Malaysian Borneo. My Indo visa expired the next day. My guitar-playing seemed to mean Open Invite.He sits on the chair; casually lights a cigarette. I'm a little taken aback, so I leave the door wide open, standing uncomfortably. How do I get rid of this?He spots my camera. A digital photo—that'll keep him amused for the duration of his cigarette. He is impressed by how well he looks: his moustache dro...Read More

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