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Wow it's Woburn!

A June 2001 trip to Woburn by Chelle

Woburn Safari Park Photo, Bedfordshire, England More Photos
Quote: Woburn Safari Park is better than a zoo. You drive your own car through the animal reserves. The animals roam free, which gives you an excellent opportunity to view them at close quarters. The animals can quite literally be all around you!

Wow it's Woburn!


The highlight of our day had to be watching the elephants being washed down with hoses and seeing them lifting their ears so the keeper can wash behind them!

Quick Tips:

There is no other transport around the park, so you have to take a car. Soft top/convertibles are not allowed entry for obvious reasons and you have to stay on the move when driving around in case the bears get hungry for a wing mirror snack. Always a good idea to take a small packed lunch or picnic of your own to avoid the queues and high prices of restaurants and cafes.

Best Way To Get Around:

Woburn Safari Park

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Woburn Safari Park Photo, Bedfordshire, England
You can drive the safari circuit as many times as you like in a day, a couple of times is a good idea as you may miss some of the animals on just one circuit - especially those lazy lions. If you time it right you can see the elephants being washed down or some of the animals being fed at different times throughout the day. There are various enclosures to see the different animals, you can meet the sealions in the Wild World Leisure Area, walk amongst the cheeky squirrel monkeys at Monkey Business or watch one of the many demonstrations throughout each day. Timetables are included on entry. For more details of Woburn check out the website at link. ...Read More

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