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A Cheap Deal at Lisbon with Lots of Promises

An April 2006 trip to Lisbon by Jabid

Hotel Ibis Lisboa Liberdade Photo, Lisbon, Portugal More Photos
Quote: I stayed in 'Ibis Lisboa Liberdade' with a friend of mine. It was April 2006 and we were in the last leg of our European exploration.

Hotel Ibis Lisboa Liberdade

Hotel | "Ibis Lisboa Liberdade"

Hotel Ibis Lisboa Liberdade Photo, Lisbon, Portugal
This hotel has a pleasant location overlooking a slope (but we were young and many times we actually used taxis, as they are very cheap in Lisbon) and quite close to Bairro Alto (famous for its night-long informal parties, music, and cheap food). We always walked up to Bairro Alto from this hotel, but you gotta be careful with the cross road near the hotel; there can be cars speeding towards Bairro Alto.

We paid about 59 euro for a double room and €5 for each breakfast (which was hearty). Pombal is a busy commercial district not far from here. I plan to stay here during my next trip to Lisbon.

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Hotel Ibis Lisboa Liberdade
Rua Barata Salgueiro 53
Lisbon 1250-043
+351 (21) 3300630