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Sailing the Streets of Venice, Italy

A July 2007 trip to Venice by fidgit66

Quote: My trip to Venice and the expirience I had.

Sailing the Streets of Venice, Italy


Venice, Italy. Is there a more interesting place? I expirienced my first gondola ride there. It was actually a very funny time. So we typically think about gondolas as these romatic awe inspiring times, correct? Well actually you get to bring your own booze on the boat, so we grabbes 5 bottles of wine for our 1/2 hour ride and enjoyed every sip! While we went on the boat you expect the gondelier to seranade to you or at least talk about all the buildings and landmarks that you are passing. Well our guide was ridiculous from the moment we got on the boat he was actually on HIS CELL PHONE! I know! I couldn't believe it either! Talk about ruining a predetermined image of all time! So Mr. Gondelier was on...Read More