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A November 2006 trip to Tallahassee by nomadcheryl

Duck and pull-under on the Slave Canal Photo, Wacissa, Florida More Photos
Quote: It's a great base for canoing, kayaking and hiking the springs, creeks, swamps, and forests in this less traveled corner of Florida.

Wacissa River

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Duck and pull-under on the Slave Canal Photo, Wacissa, Florida
The river begins about twenty miles east of Tallahassee - US 27 to Highway 59 and it's just south of the intersection. There are few river runs that rival this one. Don't be put off by the map showing Hell's Half Acre - it's easy to avoid -stay in the channel. Lots of springs and lots of birds (and fish)! It's mostly a National Wildlife Refuge on one side and a timber company owns the other side so once away from the head spring you will see only a couple of docks in the first mile then it's all yours to the take out (14 miles downstream). You can easily turn around and paddle back to your put in though if you don't want to shuttle. There are plenty of outfitters who will help with the shuttle if y...Read More

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