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Ten Enlightening Days in Guatemala

A January 2007 trip to Guatemala by Vagabondo

Posada las Marias Photo, Lanquin, Guatemala More Photos
Quote: Guatemala is a country with a history of violence, civil unrest, and political upheaval. Those days are long gone but Guatemala seems to be unable to shake those negative associations. I traveled there so I could see what the country was all about.

Posada las Marias

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Hotel | "Las Marias"

Posada las Marias Photo, Lanquin, Guatemala
Certain characteristics of Las Marias would make it seem like a pretty undesirable place to stay—no hot water, no private bathrooms, no climate control, lukewarm food—but when viewed holistically even the most selective traveler would have trouble denying the charm, the mystique, and the character of this rustic property. Las Marias resembles a hostel more than it does a guesthouse or a hotel. The Las Marias property consists of a main patio area where the check-in desk is located and four bungalow-type structures where the guests stay. Each bungalow has two rooms on the ground floor with four beds in each room and an attic area where four more beds can be found. There are two shared bathroom areas wi...Read More

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Posada las Marias
One km from Semuc Champey
+502 7861-2211

Semuc Champey: A Must See

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Semuc Champey was not originally on my travel itinerary, but after hearing tales of its spectacular beauty from other backpackers I decided to venture to that remote locality.Semuc Champey is not a city, town, or village; it is Guatemalan backwater where one can bask in a truly unspoiled haven of natural magnificence. Just getting to Semuc Champey is a challenging and time-consuming endeavor, but the return on investment is high. Coban is the nearest major city where one can procure transportation to Semuc Champey. The trip from Coban involves about one hour on a relatively well-paved highway followed by a 1.5-hour descent on a one-lane windy gravel road down into the valley where Semuc...Read More