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What Once Was an Oasis Getaway in the Bay of Doha

A June 2006 trip to Doha by Dohadame2006

Quote: What happened to the wonderful little getaway island paradise in the Bay of Doha??

What Once Was an Oasis Getaway in the Bay of Doha


My husband and I were living in Doha for all of 2006, and in June of that year, we took the short dhow trip across to Palm Tree Island. We had a very enjoyable day there. There was a seafood restaurant, pools, lovely gardens, and plenty of tree-lined, shady areas to relax under during the day. Many families, both European and Arabic, were enjoying themselves there. To our surprise and dismay, shortly before the Asian Games were about to take place, the entire island was razed to the ground—with only two trees left unscathed. From then on, we called it "Two Tree Island". Several theories were circulated as to the reason—a huge fountain was to be erected for the Games, or perhaps Doha did not want ...Read More