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Breezes Curacao---Don't Stay!!!

A December 2006 trip to Curacao by kitty99

Quote: Breezes Curacao: the staff stole our belongings, and management won't help!!!
Once a year we plan a family vacation. Nine family members went to Breezes Curacao. When we arrived, our room was dirty and had no hot water and no air-conditioning (not to mention we were on the "topless" beach). The hotel knew we had three children under the age of 10. The next morning we were moved to another room (after sleeping in the heat and taking cold showers!). When our luggage was transfered to the other room is when the CRIME happened. My nine-year-old daughter's DVD player, iPod, and SEVERAL DVDs were STOLEN. These things never made it to our other room! We spent hours during the rest of our week with hotel management. They did nothing for us. Our family had spent ...Read More

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