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The Search for the 20th Maine

A June 2006 trip to Gettysburg by TeaganO

Quote: Or... making history come alive with a ghostly appeal.

Gettysburg National Military Park and Cemetery

Attraction | "In Search of the 20th Maine"

We are not your usual history buffs, but you can't live in Brunswick, Maine without some idea of what happened at Gettysburg or Joshua Chamberlain's link to the battle. As you travel the park it is easy to pick out the monuments to the different states that led the fight in the war. We picked up a park map at the museum and rode through the lush green fields, following the path tread so long before us. We found the monument on a hillside away from the road overlooking the hill that Chamberlain and his men held against unbearable odds. And we were in awe of the men we had only a passing knowledge of before our trip to Gettysburg.

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Gettysburg National Military Park and Cemetery
1195 Baltimore Pike
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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